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Why NalasHome?

Animal welfare is one of our hallmarks, and the real basis for our webshop - that's why we donate part of the profits to animal welfare organisations.

Of course, we make sure to publish when we make a donation, so that our customers can follow which projects they support when they shop with us.

It will also be possible to choose to donate an optional amount in connection with check-out, which will of course go to projects and organizations in full who works for better animal welfare.

  • We support animal welfare

    To us, it means something to look after both our planet and our animals. Therefore, you can always shop with us with a clear conscience! We donate to animal welfare, and you can always make an extra donation, which will of course go uncut to organizations that work for better animal welfare!

  • Want to stand out?

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, you've come to the right place. We always do our best to keep our range as unique as possible, without compromising on aesthetics, quality or comfort.

  • We value customer service

    Personal and good service is our highest priority. Then send us a message or an email - We always respond as quickly as we can and are happy to help. We always send out our orders as soon as possible, and you will typically receive them within a maximum of working days.